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How to make an Ice Candle.
I was taught by an old timer of Alaska how to make these.

Use 5 gal bucket and fill with water. Fill almost full place outside in the cold for as long as it takes to freeze 3" to 4" on the top and 2" on the sides. The bottom of the bucket barely freezes and the same with the inner area, which acts as the hole for a future light. At -10F to 0F it takes about 20 hours. At +5F & warmer will take 30 hours plus. Don't let it freeze too long or you will crack your plastic buckets. I bring in the bucket and lay it on it's side and let it slide out of the bucket. The pictures will give an idea of how it slides out of the bucket. The bottom becomes the top. I take a hammer and break out the center. I then drain water and take it back outside. You now have a home made ice candle.